Taste the Lowcountry

Palmetto Pastures is now offering a locally sourced farmers bounty including organic vegetables, pastured eggs, and artisan foods delivered weekly.

No subscriptions | No contracts | Just opt in, and we deliver!

Where do you get your groceries? When you shop truly local, you get more than fresher, healthier vegetables, eggs & meat. You get to know your neighbor farmers & their practices. You become family. Utilizing our long-standing relationships, we have partnered with our fellow farmers of the low-country to curate a weekly bundle of seasonal vegetables bundled with our own pasture-raised products.

*Our pasture-raised beef, chicken, pork, and goat will be available as an add-on item soon!

How It Works

It’s easy! Our Lo-Co Bundle goes live on Sunday Noon. Order by Tuesday Noon to receive delivery to your home on Thursday or Friday, depending on your area.

In This Week’s Bundle

  • Artisan Baguette – Tiller Baking
  • 1dz Pasture-Raised eggs – Palmetto Pastures
  • Peaches – Shuler Peach Co.
  • Shiitake – Rebecca Farms
  • Watermelon – Joseph Fields
  • Okra – Joseph Fields
  • Eggplant – Joseph Fields
  • Cucumber – Joseph/Palmetto
  • Bell Pepper – Joseph Fields
  • Long Beans – Palmetto Pastures
  • Squash – Palmetto Pastures
  • Tomatoes – Joseph Fields
  • Collards – Joseph Fields
  • Yellow grits – Geechie Boy Mill
  • Fingerling Potatoes – Limehouse
  • Yellow onion – Limehouse
  • Garlic – Limehouse
  • Ginger – Limehouse

Feeds 2-3

At this time, please no substitutions except for allergies.